Rosewood Bb Clarinet + BG accessories kit


The Clarinet Master CL400 Ida Maria Grassi is an instrument with a full sound and rich in harmonics. The use of Rosewood and silver-plated keys give the clarinet an extraordinary aesthetic. The instrument has the Boehm system with 17 keys. The action is extremely robust. The adjustable finger rest allows you to find the best position of the thumb. The instrument is supplied with 2 barrels of different lengths to find the best intonation. The clarinet is equipped with all the accessories for beginners: case, mouthpiece and reed. Two accessories by BG are included with the instrument:
– 6 mouthpiece-saving stickers BG A10S to avoid leaving teeth marks on the mouthpiece and eliminate unpleasant vibrations
– BG A32 drying cloth in soft microfibre with high absorbency 

All Ida Maria Grassi instruments have a 4-year warranty upon registration on the website: PRODUCT REGISTRATION

  • Key: Bb
  • Fingering System: Boehm, 17 Keys, 6 Rings
  • Body: Rosewood
  • Keys: Silver-Plated
  • Barrel Length: 62-65mm
  • Thumb-Rest: Adjustable, with Ring
  • Case: in Foam
  • Accessories: Microfiber swab By BG, 6 Mouthpieces patches (made in France)

Designed & Engineered by Proel

Manufacturer: Proel – Made in China

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